Tasty Bite Launches Readymade Speciality Curry Paste Products

Pune, May 20: | Updated: May 21 2003, 05:30am hrs
Tasty Bite Eatable Ltd (TBEL) is hoping to tickle taste-buds of the mass market with the launch of its ready-to-cook specialty curry paste products. The company had so far focused on the ready-to-serve food segment which has seen a moderate growth and was limited to big metros.

The company felt the need to address larger markets and Tasty Bites curry pastes are expected to have a wider appeal and greater market reach.

TBEL director (sales and marketing) Hans Taparia said this product was specially designed for the Indian market and for now will not be part of exports.

On the export front, the focus will remain on the ready-to-serve segment which contributes close to 90 per cent of the companys turnover. Apart from adding variety to Tasty Bites offerings, the new product launch will also help the ready-to-serve product to ride piggyback on the ready-to-cook products distribution network, Mr Taparia said.

The wet paste, which only requires cooking with the addition of water and vegetables/meat, has been launched in five cities and will go to 30 more cities and towns across 10,000 stores by the end of the year.

Tasty Bite has launched eight curry paste products covering regional specialty recipes Goan fish curry, Chettinad masala, Kolhapuri Masala and Paneer Makhanwalla in the Pune market on Tuesday.