Take lessons on wealth creation from Kenichi Ohmae

New Delhi, Nov 23 | Updated: Nov 24 2005, 06:21am hrs
India Inc will soon have the advantage of gaining gyan from one of the worlds leading management gurus Kenichi Ohmae at the world globalisation and economy summit to be organised by the CII on November 27-29. Described as Mr Strategy worldwide and selected by The Economist as one of the top five management gurus in the world, Dr Ohmae is also recognised as the creator of the framework for a borderless economy.

The summit will focus on meta trends changing the world: impact of globalisation on wealth creation, material wealth, role of human capital, globalisation and intangible wealth creation. Other themes include the role of ideas in wealth creation, barriers to globalisation in India and/or wealth creation and Indias future: how to nurture the youth to create wealth.

Dr Kenichi Ohmae, while expressing his views on the upcoming summit, said that it will be a platform to guide Indias future growth. He further said that globalisation has made the world a massive open playing field. The players are many and the rules are stiff. The technologies are new. There are new ideas and new methods. These are all challenges that hugely impact the future.

Sam Pitroda, chairman, Knowledge Commission and CEO & Founder, C-Sam Inc will inaugurate the summit via video-conference from Chicago. Dr David Norton, president and co-founder, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Inc. will deliver a special keynote on managing intangible wealth for global competitiveness.