Swisscom Mobile Improves Network Performance with Wavecall's WaveSight Urban Propagation Prediction Tool

Written by Businesswire India | 29-01-2008 | Updated: Jan 29 2008, 23:09pm hrs
Swisscom Mobile, part of the Swisscom Group, has successfully applied WaveSight to improve performance of its UMTS network and HSDPA throughput.

WaveSight has been successfully employed with an automatic cellular tool to improve the performance of existing Swisscom Mobile 3G sites within the city of Basel, Switzerland, to enhance coverage and service. The measured results showed an improvement in quality and coverage area by as much as eight percent (8%) which can be translated into a reduced, or delayed, requirement for additional sites whilst increases the 3G traffic per user. The network changes were limited to the remote adjustment of the antenna electrical tilt (RET) and the transmitted power, during an overnight switchover. This ensured that all the observed improvements resulted from the new changes.

There is potential for further optimization and revenue as the national network expands, by further usage of the WaveSight tool to keep the number of blocked and dropped calls to a minimum and, improve coverage of trouble spots.

The success of applying WaveSight to Swisscom's network was enabled by a recent breakthrough in the tool's computation performance, whereby the processing speed was increased by over 10 times, allowing more sites to be included in the optimization process without sacrificing the accuracy. Such results were achieved with no need for costly and time-consuming drive test data.

Dr. Karim Rizk Founder and CEO of Wavecall, "It cannot be a better reward to our pioneering work in the field of radio wave prediction techniques to be able to deliver reliable solutions to our valued customer Swisscom. We will continue to lead the way in providing breakthroughs in radio wave prediction a critical field in wireless network design and optimization. Swisscom is the natural partner to first realize the impact of Wavecall's technology"

Swisscom Mobile's UMTS network covers about 90 per cent of the populated area of Switzerland, and it is the first carrier in Switzerland to roll out HSDPA. Thomas Vonlanthen, Head of Access Technologies, Swisscom Mobile says: "We aspire to give our customers the very best mobile coverage, offer them the latest technologies and exceed their expectations. Ongoing investment in expanding, developing and optimizing our services through products such as WaveSight ensure we continue to deliver high standards of efficiency and quality of service. We are delighted with the results achieved to date."

WaveSight can operate as plug-ins with most planning and optimization tools. WaveSight is capable of optimizing the design of GSM, WIMAX, UMTS and Broadcast TV networks.

About Wavecall: Wavecall is a Swiss company, founded in 1997 at the Science Park of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, with offices in the Netherlands and the United States. Wavecall is solely dedicated to radio propagation prediction and has been a market leader in propagation modeling for the wireless communication industry. Wavecall has delivered its propagation engine WaveSight to over 40 operators worldwide.