Sun Shines On Open Source, Targets India

Singapore: | Updated: Nov 7 2003, 05:30am hrs
Sun Microsystems is betting big on the open source (OS) market space, particularly in the growing markets like India and China. Sun is trying to maximise potential in the Linux OS system to exploit the huge opportunities in these countries.

India, among Asian countries including China, is where Sun Microsystems wants to penetrate to the maximum and efforts are underway to woo most state governments, manufacturing industries, companies in financial, telecom, education and other areas, Sun Microsystems, chief technology evangelist, Simon Phipps, told The Financial Express on the sidelines of a two-day seminar on A New Tech Order Innovations, Breakthroughs and Winning Strategies in Singapore on Monday.

There are more investors looking at Indian research and development centres for possible investments; OS is expected to play a major role here. Given the opportunity and the benefits of saving money within India, Indian vendors and software makers should look at OS service systems rather than other frameworks, Mr Phipps said. India has the advantage to distribute products and services developed under the OS system with localised content to a lot of manufacturing concerns and local governments where huge potential lies, he said further.

OS provides greater freedom, give wider dimension for application or software development, scaleable and reduces the cost of overall investments sizeably. OS will trigger an open-market syndrome among the competitors and bring in great value for the customers, Mr Phipps said. With more skilled manpower and engineers in India, the country has a major advantage in making every individual get freedom from licensed product services, he added.

Using open sources will enable many community variants and deployment variants including help-yourself, customer per-use and support as well as product support. Linux compatibility is also an integral part of Solaris design, Mr Phipps added.

Sun is a big player in Linux and it co-chairs the internalisation of the Linux system. It has partnered with Red Hat and SuSe. Linux represents choice, spurs innovation, prevents lock-in, promotes open standards and facilitates healthy competiton, he maintained.

Open source is the new methodology of the massively connected era and Sun is the pioneer and leader in this OS market.

We are the leader and will continue to be the leader in future while others lag behind. We hope that there is a great opportunity ahead particularly in the Asian region, with India and China going to be the major markets for us, Mr Phipps added.

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