Subrata Roy's Sahara Group: 6 humongous numbers

Written by FE Online | Updated: Feb 28 2014, 20:24pm hrs
Sahara Subrata RoySahara chief Subrata Roy turned himself in after the Supreme Court this week ordered his arrest. (Reuters)
Flamboyant Sahara group chief Subrata Roy, who calls himself 'Managing Worker' of his business empire, was brought down by an innocuous-looking complaint by 'Roshan Lal' four years and four months ago. Numbers involved as mammoth:

* Sahara group claimed to have raised total funds to the tune of Rs 2,25,000 crore since inception in 1978

* Sahara group claims to have a net worth of Rs 68,174 crore

* Sahara group assets worth over Rs 152,518 crore

* Sahara Group collected over Rs 24,000 crore from three crore individuals,

* Sahara sent 127 trucks containing 31,669 cartons full of over three crore application forms and two crore redemption vouchers to Sebi office causing huge traffic jam

* SAT upheld Sebi orders to Sahara to refund Rs 25,781 crore to over three crore investors.