Striking With Impunity

Updated: Nov 3 2003, 05:30am hrs
This is in reference to the eavesdropper on strikes in Kerala (Nov 1). After reading the item, I am amazed that the public in this state allows these protagonists of strikes to get away with whatever they want.
Just as life finds a way, it appears as though strikes find a way after getting bad publicity in the media. I just hope the protagonists of strikes in other states do not take this example and continue their strife against the upper classes there as well. It is the public which would be the biggest sufferers of such acts, not the politicians.
Palghat Kannan

Message For States
This is in reference to a story in your supplement India Inc captioned BSES-Tata Power: Beyond The Supreme Court Ruling (Nov 1). As the story points out, I wish the state governments also take a cue from this and give more room to regulators while they recommend retail tariffs for consumers. They should have the freedom to crack the whip on non-performing state governments and ensure commitments and promises made by the state are indeed delivered as well.
Prem Sujatmal

Posts For Judges
The government has increased the number of high court judges from 655 to 749. But it is strange that though 163 vacancies are already existing, only 63 names are recommended, which makes the vacant posts of high court judges as 194.
It is also mentioned that there are 33.69 lakh pending cases of which 21.64 lakh are more than two years old.
When posts for ministers, chairmen etc are created without any norms of public interest, why are posts of judges ignored. Is our democracy meant for the interest and welfare of politicians
Since getting justice at least cost and least delay is also a fundamental right of citizens and a fundamental duty of the judiciary, the judiciary must be expanded.
BS Ganesh

Q2 Of Reliance
It was indeed a delight to read about Reliances Q2 net profits zooming up by 26 per cent. As a result of this, its shares have risen to a 10-year high.
This is the legacy of late Dhirubhai Ambani, who led the company like a multinational company realising the importance of maintaining consistent performance and keeping the interests of the shareholders who had invested their hard earned money in the company.
Further, it is yet another compliment to his succession plan as his two sons have demonstrated their resolve to keep up this tradition. I wish that there are more such success stories emanating from the Indian corporate sector.
Navneet Dhawan