Steely wooing

Updated: Jan 6 2006, 05:30am hrs
Posco, the South Korean steel giant, which is erecting a mega project in Orissa for $12 billion, is well aware that the goodwill of locals is important for its plans. So, it has begun a public relations exercise.

For starters, on the eve of the New Year, the company gave out Rs 10 lakh to sponsor a tournament organised by the Bhubaneswar Golf Club. A good investment, in-deed, since the Club has members who are among the states senior policymakers.

After sports, the company has taken the cuisine route. It is organising a Korean food court at the 10-day Ekamra Utsav, starting today in downtown Bhubaneswar. The food court in the popular mela will serve Korean cuisine in a Korean ambience, to the sound of Korean music.

Body wrap

With the Pensions Bill still in limbo and no visible sense of direction from the top, government officials appear to have turned to amateur psychology as a guide. The Bill will see the light of day in the next session of Parliament, says an official. Why His explanation: the positive body language of finance minister P Chidambaram. He looks cool and comfortable. In fact, we have never seen such positive body language from the FM. So, surely the Bill will go through.

One wonders if there isnt a better way of indicating dir-ection to officers.

At the edge

The top functionary of a body supposed to restructure all those perennially loss-making public sector undertakings has become quite a cynic, given his experience in the government. He says he gave up a peaceful existence overseas to take up the troublesome job of doing something good for Indias public sector units.

With even the department which reluctantly hosts him turning its back on him quite often, the former secretary has turned a bit edgy. He has some unceremonious words for his own panel members, too, saying they cant catch up with even the ongoing paceof a Cabinet nod for three proposals in about a year!