Written by fe Bureau | Updated: Sep 1 2010, 04:56am hrs
Young Indias Abiding Affair with TV

* Young people on a typical day spend 7 hours with media and entertainment of which 4.2 hours are spent watching TV.

* 47% of young Indians say they cannot live without TV. Altogether, 58% of respondents say they enjoy spending time watching TV, the highest in the Asian region.

* While 49% of young Asians say that internet keeps them up to date, only 19% of respondents from India think so.

* For 43% of young Indians, it is TV which gives them useful information. compared to 28% who believe that Internet is the best source of information.

* Again, 69% of young Indians say TV is the best entertainment source. Thats the highest in any Asian country.

* Among internet, TV, mobile phone, newspaper, magazine and radio, it is TV which is the most popular shopping guide in India. Altogether, 74% of young Indians swear by TV ads when they go shopping.

* When it comes to watching ads on TV, 55% of young Indians are ready to pay a higher price to avoid getting ads. In case of internet ads, 36% are ready to pay a higher price.

Base: 1743 Indians in the 8-24 age group in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore

Source: Synovate Young Asians Survey 2010