States under-use funds for highway development

New Delhi, July 31 | Updated: Aug 1 2005, 05:30am hrs
Out of Rs 1,526.57 crore released by the Centre for upgradation of national highways, states have used only Rs 279.22 crore during the current fiscal. Also, out of Rs 632.74 crore issued by the Centre for maintenance of highways, states utilised only Rs 178.96 crore. West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the five states which have grossly underutilised the funds.

As per the data furnished by minister of state for shipping, road transport and highways KH Muniyappa last week in the Lok Sabha, almost all the 27 states have heavily underutilised the resources for upgradation of national highways. The above mentioned five states got substantial amounts for the purpose, but they used hardly 10% of funds.

West Bengal was allocated Rs 256.30 crore for upgradation of national highways during the current fiscal. Out of this amount, it had used only Rs 11.26 crore as on June 30, 2005. During 2004-05 it had utilised only Rs 72 crore out of the given Rs 183.70 crore. Similarly, UP too has used, as on June 30 2005, Rs 61.71 crore out of Rs 139.30 crore given to it.

Maharashtra has been given Rs 100.65 crore. But it has used only Rs 9.77 crore, while last year too, out of Rs 79 crore, it had used up only Rs 65 crore. Madhya Pradesh has used only Rs 15 crore out of the given Rs 99 crore. Tamil Nadu, out of Rs 91 crore for the current fiscal, has used only Rs 15 crore.