Stars in the making

Written by Garima Pant | Updated: Jan 3 2011, 05:03am hrs
Aparajita Jain of Delhi-based Seven Art Gallery recommends Chennai-based Saravanan Parasuraman and Delhi-based Akshay Raj Singh Rathore as artists to watch out for in the times to come. Jain feels their art alters your space, which is precisely what art should do. I love their art works. They have a very refined sense of expression and are hugely talented and skilled. She also finds their depth of expression to be extremely engaging and defining.

Saravanan Parasuraman Age: 28

Education: MFA, Govt. College of Fine Art, Chennai

Price range: Rs 1.5 lakh and above

* For this post-graduate in painting from Government College of Fine Art, Chennai, it was appreciation from colleagues and senior artists that inspired him to go deep into the realms of art. Saravanan Parasuraman identifies himself as someone who comes from the roots of the country. Proverbs or sayings are common in a village environment and are used to denote day-to-day lives. It is these sayings and experiences that I try to express and explore through my work. My works are trying to express what my ancestors went through and what I derive out of their past, says Parasuraman. He considers artists Alwar Balasubramaniam and Ganesh Selvaraj as major influences who inspired him to go the extra mile. Having no defined style of work, Parasuraman aligns his thoughts and expresses them through various mediums, including vinyl stickers, ball bearings, sand, etc.

Akshay Raj Singh Rathore Age: 32

Education: PG Diploma in Animation Film Design from NID, Ahmedabad

Price range: Rs 75,000 and above

* Born in Chindwara, Madhya Pradesh, Akshay Raj Singh Rathore has an earthen feel attached to his works. The simplicity of his works and the ease with which he works in various mediums, bringing out maximum visual effect, make him stand apart. Rathore, who left a secure job to jump into the unknown, says the transition changed everything for him. It gave base to my experimentation and wanderings,says Rathore. He also believes it's not easy to be an artist in the true sense. One has to be very cautious; a lot of responsibility and commitment is required, he says. His works, as he states, deal a lot with issues of violence that stem from contemporary societal transformations. However, the hope for recovered harmony is also always present in my works.

Sunaina Anand of Delhi-based Art Alive Gallery recommends Sharmi Chowdhury and Kartik Sood. Both show tremendous promise and are evidently very different, in terms of their choice of medium and style, from the usual flock of newly graduated art students, says Anand. She finds Chowdhurys works to be vehemently original, without giving into the stereotypes associated with the female artist. Anand feels that Kartiks video works are also largely image-oriented.

Sharmi Chowdhury

Age: 36

Education: Masters from MSU, Baroda

Price range: Rs 3-3.5 lakh

* The Active cultural climate of Kolkata, where artist Sharmi Chowdhury was born and brought up, was instrumental in forming her core vision as an artist. I have been greatly influenced by artists who belong to the figurative-narrative tradition, besides painter Benodebehari Mukherjee and Bhupen Khakkar, says Chowdhury, who is known for her semi-narrative style of works, though not topical. She believes that this style helps her merge real stories with fables, allegories and symbolism of various kinds, often bordering on personal experiences and impersonal events and facts. Exploring womens subjects, Chowdhury is currently breaking away from the traditional distinctions of painting and sculpture and other arts by creating objects, props and other stuff and also painting them. This breaks the monotony of the shape and surface of things and brings in immediate participation from viewers, she adds.

Kartik Sood

Age: 24

Education: Masters from MSU, Baroda

Price range: Rs 1.5 lakh and above

* For the recent post-graduate, design is a very important part of his work, as for him it reflects the certain cultural aspects that are very much a part of our new lives. My works, having very design influenced structures, often weave old fragmented pieces of our human past, and together how they stand is intentionally a statement made by me to provoke an experience reflecting our lives, says Kartik Sood. He refuses to be bound by a particular signature style of the old masters and prefers to work in all mediums, irrespective of a style. As for this budding artist, it's an idea that holds priority and the appropriate medium follows. Post-modern art practice has influenced my body of work and also the trajectory of life. The whole relationship of the time, past to the present, and how our lives are influenced by this state of being in a progressive yet circular frame work, reflects in my work, he says.

Roshni Vadehra of Delhi-based Vadehra Art Gallery recommends Prajakta Palav and Sandip Pisalkar as the artists who could make it big in the times to come. Vadehra first witnessed Palav's work in her studio and what caught her eye was the depiction of Mumbai life, crowds and slums in the stellar quality of her technique of painting.Talking about Sandip Pisalkar, recipient of the Foundation of Indian Contemporary Art (FICA ) emerging artist award, Vadehra says he finds his works, based on social and political issues, to be engaging. His work is interactive in nature.


Age: 31

Education: Master of Fine Arts Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai

Price range of art works: Rs 5-15 lakh

* Inspired by people around her, Mumbai-based artist Prajakta Palav questions the idea of an ideal beauty and believes that the way she paints is a work requirement. I paint mechanically,because my work is not a narration; it is about documentation. That is how camera comes in my work. I paint each and every object on canvas with 'gray scale' and extremely realistic because I want to convey the history of that particular object, says Palav. Preparing herself for the upcoming India art Summit, Palav is also experimenting with other mediums.

Sandip Pisalkar

Age: 32

Education: Masters from MSU Baroda

Price range of art works: Rs 1-8 lakh

* Hailing from a small town of Yawatmal in Maharashtra, artist Sandip Pisalkar looks at objects of historical importance with an eye of interrogation.

Whenever I see an object of historical reference, I wish to transform it through the use of technology, only trying to manipulate the way of seeing that particular object. This is a passion for me and this only becomes my work of art, says Pisalkar. Owing to his small-town upbringing, the cultural differences in the rural-urban life define the influence on this 32-year-old artists oeuvre.

Mohit Dhoomimal Jain, director, Dhoomimal Art Centre, feels Anup Akhar Pandey and Akash Choyal are the artists who hold promise for the future. Jain even has some of Pandey's works in his personal collection. His works are very thoughtful and he has a very strong sense of imagination, yet there is also interpretation of his surroundings, feels Jain about Pandey. About Choyal, who was awarded the National Award by the Lalit Kala Akademi in 2010, Jain feels his fibre glass sculpture like paintings have an extremely sensitive feel.

Anup Akhar Pandey

Age: 24

Education:Pursuing BFA

Price range of art works: Below Rs 1 lakh

* Known for his figurative, semi-figurative and abstract forms of objects, Anup Akhar Pandey draws inspiration from his own life and paint elements that are used in daily life, creating a mysterious third world with these elements. I love the thought process concept and simplicity of Manjit Bawa and I was also influenced by the spiritual mystery of J Swaminathans works, says Pandey. Currently focusing on the human psychological and philosophical behaviour through his works, Pandey has also been experimenting with various other mediums as well.

Akash Choyal

Age: 36

Education:MFA, College of Art, Delhi

Price range of art works: Rs 2.5 lakh onwards for 3D works

* Coming from a family of artists (three generations including Akash are into art) hailing from Rajasthan, Akash Choyal likes to put together day-to-day events and things on the canvas using his unique graphical approach. He has worked on different mediums, including plaster reliefs, fibre constructions, etchings, paintings, paper mache, paperboard etc.

On the look out for new talent always, Sharan Apparao of Chennai-based Apparao Galleries recommends K Benitha Perciyal and N Ramachandran as artists to keep an eye upon. Apart from working with them and exhibiting their works, Apparao also has their works in her collection. But why the two Both of them have the right mix of aesthetics and intellect. Their works speak of issues in very clever and subtle ways. Also, both of them use a clever level of abstract thought and seem trendy, yet timeless. To find all these qualities in an artist is difficult, says Apparao.

K Benitha Perciyal

Age: 32

Education:MFA, Government College of Arts & Crafts, Chennai

Price range of art works: Rs 1-5 lakh

* Having drawn initial inspiration from the images evoked by Russian literature that Chennai-based K Benitha Perciyal was into, she soon realised the wide difference between her imagery and the real world. So, I started reworking my paintings, says Perciyal. She believes that now her works emerge directly from the world of her experience and surroundings.

N Ramachandran

Age: 35

Education: MFA, Govt. College of Fine Arts, Chennai

Price range of art works: Rs 1-3 lakh

* Chennai-based contemporary artist N Ramachandran attributes his physical and conceptual existence to have influenced his body of works, along with many people, including Chandralekha, Raza and Nasreen. Though having received national and international awards for his works, Ramachandran still feels that, I am the central axis for all my acts.