Squandering our money

Updated: Oct 31 2005, 06:24am hrs
Your editorial Squatters all (Oct 26) has said it well by stating, the government should evict the squatters without further delay. And impose heavy fines, too, to ensure such insta-nces are not repeated.

So-called samajwadi Mula-yam Singh is reportedly paying a rent of Rs 1.57 lakh (the market rate) per month. But from where is he getting so much money
Youre right in saying our political leaders, artists, intellectuals and even journalists continue to enjoy the states largesse. Our country has no money to spare for such people, whose only motive is to misuse public money. The Supreme Court has now given the government a golden opportunity to throw them out.
- Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee

Low-cost carriers
The legacy carriers, Indian Airlines and Air-India, have suffered more from government protection, rather than gaining any perceived benefits. On the one hand, private carriers were allowed to procure aircraft and hire staff, while these carriers were not allowed to do so. The protection regime has actually made staff inefficient and irresponsible, as their jobs were secure.
The phenomenon of low-cost carriers in India is not new. What is to be seen is how long this can survive, once demand becomes less than the supply and cost becomes more than the fare.
- Ashok Joshi

Empower India
I have been regularly reading your series India Empowered. The contributors, most of them leaders in their chosen fields, have covered a wide spectrum of topics. However, I find that there is a glaring omission in this galaxy of writers. So far (unless I have missed it), nobody has touched on the role played by the rule of law in empowering the nation.
If timely justice is not rendered to those in need of it, they will be demoralised and frustrated. What about the thousands of under-trials languishing in custody, waiting for a fair trial which is being denied to them Can they dream of being empowered Most probably, they will not understand the meaning of the word.
- CVK Moorthy