South African Breweries To Focus On Knock Out

New Delhi: | Updated: May 31 2002, 05:30am hrs
South African Breweries India Ltd (SABIL), a subsidiary of the $4.18 billion London-headquartered South African Breweries, is brewing plans to do a business of 7-8 million cases a year in the fiscal 2002-03. Also, in order to position Knock Out (which it acquired from Mysore Breweries in October 2001) as a national beer brand, SABIL has just kicked off a high-pitched television commercial Knock Out Challenge.

Vinod Giri, head, sales and marketing, SABIL.
Says Mr Vinod Giri, head, sales and marketing, SABIL: We plan to secure a marketshare of 10 per cent in this fiscal 2002-03. Out of the 11 beer brands were managing, three brands Knock Out (strong beer), Castle Lager (premium international mild beer), and Three Lions (India-only mild beer) would receive special thrust this year.

SABIL is said to have invested over Rs 150 crore out of FIPBs approval of Rs 600 crore in brand and brewery acquisitions and upgradation of the acquired breweries.

The company is looking at further augmenting its capacities it has already built a beer capacity of 9 million cases a year. SABIL has just started operating a brewery each in Nawabganj in Uttar Pradesh and Rochees in Rajasthan, in addition to its two breweries in Aurangabad and Bangalore.

SABIL has started rolling out Knock Out in new markets like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, North-East and Jharkhand. Knock Out has also been re-introduced in Mumbai at a price of Rs 40 per 650 ml. Knock Out is said to be countrys third largest beer brand with sales of 5 million cases a year. The brand has dominant presence in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and upcountry Maharashtra.

SABIL has unveiled a new TVC for Knock Out, created by agency Leo Burnett, which was taken on board in March 2002. Commenting on the Knock Out Challenge, Mr Giri says: The brand highlights those moments when a person demonstrates inner resolve or strength of character to stand up to enormous challenges. In this situation the person moves beyond raw physicality to reflect more comprehensive character, inner as well as external strength.