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Updated: Aug 31 2008, 05:41am hrs
Josy Paul

Chairman and National Creative Director, BBDO India

What does success mean to you

The whole search in life is to find yourself through your work, play, relationships and connections with the world around you. Success is when you believe that everyday, in every way, you are getting better and better. You are surprised by something new and exciting that you have discovered about yourself. It is a race, where you dont chase others, but yourself. So, success to me is the continuous discovery of one self. Success has no end. Its a state of high awareness and constant revelation about your true self.

What is your biggest strength

It is not for me to say what is my biggest strength. Rather its for those around me who have known me for what I do and who I am. If I were to try and understand my strength from my point of view, it would be a combination of daring and intuition, and the ability to listen to others. This collective package allows me to see the world through different eyes. I would like to think that it allows me to adapt and evolve while accepting my weaknesses. The thought has not only helped me in getting better in whatever I do, but enjoy others support in doing these.

Your stress buster is

To the foremost, friends, music, and simply a walk by the sea. Then comes writing. Sometimes, when your mind is racing and theres nowhere to run, I write furiously and let the negative energy convert into ink and words. I think writing is therapeutic and a great heat sink.

God to you is

To me, God is the giver of strength. As an entity, God is an endless source of energy and a whole body experience... This power takes me higher, allows me to look beyond my weaknesses and focus on the impossible. God pushes the envelope, allows me to be more than what or who I am. God inspires, and is the one you look up to for everything. God is everything you want God to be. God is your connection with a divine mystical ever-giving power.

As told to Jyoti Verma