Sonias gamble has backfired: RSS

New Delhi, March 29 | Updated: Mar 30 2006, 05:30am hrs
Contrary to RSS ideologue MG Vaidyas view that Sonia Gandhis decision to quit her Lok Sabha seat and the post of NAC chief was a bold one, the Organiser - the Sanghs mouthpiece - in its latest issue says that for a cornered Sonia stepping down was the only profitable way out.

The Congress, Sonia Gandhi in particular, could have avoided the present discomfiture. The UPA was working on a single-point agenda to save its supreme leader. Now that the latest gamble has backfired on her, particularly because of the Left parties refusal to play along, Sonia Gandhi had to resign her Lok Sabha seat, the Organisers editorial said.

Mr Vaidya, in his column in a Marathi newspaper, had described Ms Gandhis decision to quit over the controversy on office of profit as a clever move and reflected her maturity in politics. Further, he had observed that there was no point in the Opposition criticising Sonias decision. The Congress will get the benefits from her resignation, he had pointed out.

Not many in the RSS consider Sonia Gandhis decision as a sacrifice. Vaidyas views are his own and there are not many takers for that view in the Sangh, said an RSS source.