Some sweet reality

Updated: Jan 5 2006, 05:30am hrs
Your editorial ‘Bitter sweet’ (Dec 26) on the present state of sugarcane and sugar production in the country has rightly observed, “What is needed is the complete overhaul of the sector to check distortions—at cane growing as well as sugar manufacture.” It may, however, be emphasised that sugarcane cultivation, like other crops, depends on two factors: ‘absolute advantage’ and ‘comparative advant- age.’ While the former means that sugarcane cultivation de-pends on the profitability of the crop, the latter means the profitability of the crop vis-a-vis other competing crops.
Another factor that needs to be considered in the context of sugarcane cultivation is that out of the three products of sugarcane, namely, sugar, khandsari and gur, gur prices at the time of sowing sugarcane play an important role in determining its area.
—V Sagar

Terror strikes
The southern part of the country was earlier considered relatively safe. But last week’s terror attack at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, that claimed the life of former IIT professor MC Puri, once again proves that terrorists can strike anywhere and at anyone.
Your editorial ‘Soft target’ (Dec 30) rightly poin-ted out that “Even a layman can assess that any terror incident in Bangalore will attract global attention.” People like me expect tight security at international seminars where the real wealth (the scientists) of the country and foreigners are participating.
I was shocked at the fact that though the central intelligence agencies had warned the Kar-nataka police of terrorist plans aimed at vital installations and the IT industry, yet the state police failed to act.
—Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee