Soaring cost of living tops UK worry index

London | Updated: Dec 31 2008, 06:47am hrs
Britain is becoming a nation of worriers, according to a new survey, with the financial crisis giving people ever more reason to fret about their lives.

The average Briton now spends 2-1/4 hours of every day worryingsix and half years of the average life span a figure up 30 minutes a day from last year, according to the worry index compiled by, a support group.

Young adultsthose aged between 16 and 24worry the most, and women worry substantially more than men, according to the survey of 1,400 people nationwide. The top five concerns in 2008 were: the cost of living, energy prices, personal health, outgoings and income, and personal debt. Job security, which last year didnt figure in the top 25 worries, shot up to number 7 in the rankings, one notch below recession and a bigger concern than crime.

So much fretting can take a terrible toll on peoples health and their sex lives, according to the surveys compilers.One in five Britons questioned said they drowned their concerns in drink, up 50% on last year.