SMSing Trouble

Updated: Jul 1 2004, 03:49am hrs
Last week, Reliance Infocomm sent out a press release stating that students could now get their marks for the SSC board exams through an SMS. One scribe from a large publishing house seemed to have been completely swayed by all of this and carried the statement in toto. Not too much of a problem except that the news report also carried the contact numbers of the corporate communications staff at Reliance Infocomm. These numbers are meant for the scribes who have a question or two about any press statement.

Not surprisingly, Reliance Infocomm was inundated with telephone calls from parents who were rather keen to know how much their ward had secured in history or the sciences. The hapless company staff spent most of their day politely explaining that what took place was the result of poor communication. One instance surely when they must have been rueing their decision of offering high quality networks!

Country Roads
At a seminar in the Capital, a management guru wisely observed that Coke and Pepsi have not airlifted their bottles to the far-flung villages of the country. That if they can get into these remote areas using roads and footpaths, why cant our rural people use the same roads to bring their produce outside the villages

Point well taken as in any village or hamlet in the remotest corners of India ranging from the hot desert areas of Rajasthan to wet and rainy Kerala the one thing that tired and weary travellers are bound to find are Coke and Pepsi. The real point of the guru was that when the cola giants werent exactly waiting for the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana to penetrate rural India, why cant our rural folk do likewise