Silk export earnings could surpass targets, predicts ministry of textiles

Bangalore, March 27 | Updated: Mar 28 2005, 05:59am hrs
Silk export earnings from India during the year 2004-05 are expected to reach around Rs 2,650 crore, (provisional figures) according to the ministry of textiles.

The actual export earnings in 2003-04 as compiled by Central Silk Board stood at Rs 2,779.19 crore. However, exports of Rs 1,306.37 crore have been achieved during April-September 2005, which is 49.3% of target as compared to the corresponding period of 2003-04 at Rs 1,107.05 crore.

So, the actual export earnings in the current fiscal may go well beyond the targets as per the trend. India exports natural silk yarn, fabrics, made ups, readymade garments, silk carpets and silk waste to several countries across the world.

As per the figures available with the Central Silk Board, for the six-month period from April-September 2004-05, the top five importing countries, including the US, the UK, UAE, Italy and Hongkong, accounted for 29.5%, 9.2%, 7.3% 6.5% and 5.9% of total export earnings.

In rupee terms, these countries accounted for Rs 762.90 crore, which was 58.4% of the total export earnings (Rs 1,306.37 crore) during the period.

Of the total exports, natural sik yarn, fabrics and made-ups accounts for over 66% of the total silk good exports. During April-September 2004-05, the exports of these items touched Rs 869.76 crore, registering a growth of around 16.9%, compared to Rs 744.20 crore in the same period in 2003-04.

Readymade garments account for 30.5% of exports and has recorded an export earning of Rs 398.61 crore during April-September 2004-05, showing an increase of 27.3%, compared to Rs 313.11 crore in 03-04.

Silk carpets account for 2.9% of exports and has shown a decrease in export earnings at Rs 37.26 crore, compared to Rs 47.43 crore in April-September 2003-04. Silk waste exports are negligible and has come down over recent years.