Siemens may step up hiring

Written by Shubhra Tandon | Singapore | Updated: Jun 3 2014, 10:33am hrs
Transportation to healthcare solutions provider Siemens would be keenly watching the Indian market for technological expansion, cutting across its product lines and may step up hiring, on the back of a stable government at the Centre, which is being widely perceived as investor friendly.

We see the trajectory going forward in a good way and will hire more people, said Roland Busch, a member of the managing board of Siemens AG and CEO (Infrastructure & Cities) on the sideline of releasing a study The Mobility Opportunity. Busch said the company will be looking at increasing its investments across all technologies like grid expansions, power supply systems, traffic industry and even healthcare systems, with a focus on rural and affordable segments, in the country.

He pointed out that the investments made in the infrastructure sectors in India have been miniscule in the last decade. Just as a pattern, we see an almost 100% increase in commuters in India by 2030. In big Chinese cities, the increase is 40-50%. So, the pressure on Indian infrastructure system is tremendous. Over the last 10 years, China had invested 9.8% of its GDP in infrastructure, while India had invested 3.8% on an average. So, if you compare India, which is also targeting high growth rates like China, the proportion invested in infrastructure signals tremendous demand from what has been invested on upgrading.

According to Siemens' mobility report, in Delhi for instance, the commuter numbers are expected to jump from 22.74 lakh currently to 43.89 lakh by 2030, a jump of 93%. In Mumbai, the current 21.25 lakh commuters are expected to go up by 81% to 38.63 in next 16 years.

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