Shed have lost her seat anyway

Updated: Mar 24 2006, 05:30am hrs
Had Sonia Gandhi resigned her seat in Lok Sabha immediately after Jaya Bachchan losing her seat, it would have been a commendable act. Now after having waited so long using the interregnum to spread the opinion that she was not holding an office of profit, then abruptly putting an end to the current session of the Parliament to enable passing of an ordinance to save her, also getting the Cabinet to discuss the ordinance, the resignation is at best a submission to the Opposition and at worst a feeble attempt to gain moral high ground.

In my opinion even an ordinance would not have saved Mrs Gandhi because her disqualification is an already earned one.

That cannot be erased by a subsequent legislation. So anyway she was going to lose her seat. In such circumstances, the resignation is a farce.

(As told to N Madhavan)