Serve Without Malice

Updated: Sep 26 2003, 05:30am hrs
This refers to Subhash Agrawals article Law, order and religious conversions (Sept 25). Following the conviction of Dara Singh and others in the Reverend Staines murder case, the debate on religious conversions has received a shot in the arm. The church constitutionally discharges two functions: One, missionary and two, evangelical. While most people do want Christians to continue with their missionary activities such as running schools, colleges, hospitals etc, they do not want any part in their evangelism.

The marketability of Christianity rests mostly on its purposeful missionary activity. There is not enough evidence to support the view that the conversions that have taken place here and there are due mainly to the monetary inducements given to individuals as alleged by some. Hindus likewise can and should improve the marketability of Hinduism, undeniably a great religion.

This can be achieved by better service to people and society as a whole including people of other religions, backed by sustained efforts suffused in the time-honoured concepts of peace and non-violence, instead of damaging others religious edifices and attacking minorities. Even the British who ruled India did not assist missionaries on their conversion sprees or by burning or desecrating Hindu temples during their time.
Kangayam R Rangaswamy

Wanderlust Awakened!
The story on foreign travel packages (FE on Sunday; Sept 21) was very comprehensive. Just tempted to take a package and go to a couple of Far East countries. Excellent.
Rajesh Ahuja

Nations Pride
This refers to the article Titan on overseas expansion spree (Sept 24). Its a great pleasure to read that Titan Industries Ltd is going for expansion to fulfill its export demand. Titan is giving tough competition to multinational corporations in the watch segment with presence in 29 countries around the world, in 2,000 international stores and 165 exclusive showrooms. Titan brings pride to the Made in India label.
P K Surya, Agra

Vehicle Sales
Apropos the news story (Sept 24), while commercial vehicle (CV) sales appear to be much higher than the growth of GDP, in a developing economy, the share of manufacturing remains same at about 33 per cent during the whole development cycle. The share of service sector gradually grows and that of primary sector such as agriculture and mining decreases. Hence a prudent manufacturer must not depend only on CVs but diversify into vehicles required by the service sector such as passenger cars, buses also.
Gangadhar G Barve