Self made or propaganda made

Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Dec 31 2007, 04:16am hrs
One definitely appreciates the organisational skills of Narendra Modi (Self made, Dec 25), who led the BJP to a convincing victory in the Gujarat polls. However, the claim all approach of Modi is difficult to accept as the states progress can be attributed to the combined effect of many different factors and not just Modis rule alone, as some partisan propagandists have made it out to be. Agriculture sector growth was largely due to benefits of the inter-state Sardar Sarovar dam project that was initiated decades ago. The locational advantage of Gujarat and the fabled entrepreneurial skills of its people have contributed in no small measure to the states rapid industrial growth.

Vijay Mullaji

What goes around

Even as Benazir Bhuttos assassination needs to be condemned in the strongest possible terms, one has to keep Pakistans present travails in proper perspective. Whether one likes it or not, they are largely self-made. Pakistans military leadership and intelligence agencies raised and nurtured the jihadis since the 1980s, chasing the mirage of strategic depth in Afghanistan and to bleed India to death in Kashmir. Even after 9/11, they have been going soft on jihadis. When Indira Gandhi was assassinated, The New York Times pointed out that, A democratic constitution can survive assassinations. The tragedy for Pakistan is, first, it not a democracy, and second, it is reaping now what it sowed.

P Senthil Saravana Durai Hyderabad