Seed Management Goes IT Savvy Via Plan Agrow

Hyderabad: | Updated: Sep 30 2003, 05:30am hrs
Positive Solutions (P) Ltd, engaged in implementation of enterprise management solutions (EMS) and end-to-end (E2E) solutions, has developed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application for the Indian seeds industry encompassing production, procurement, processing and inventory operations.

Called Plan Agrow, the application is a complete Web-enabled EMS that reduces business transaction time and takes care of expiry dates while detailing stock positions of hybrid as well as non-hybrid seeds, a crucial factor in checking seed quality before the seeds are sold to farmers.

The product is designed for those companies that produce and distribute hybrid seeds and have network operations across the country. Speaking with eFE, Positive Solutions CEO, Bhagwan Gorti, said that the application suits companies that work on single product-multiple distribution units systems or multiple products-multiple distribution units systems.

Seed companies, covering both the hybrid and non-hybrid seed varieties, constitute the Indian seeds industry, accounting for a Rs 4,000 crore market. The database on the inventories is an essential factor here. With several cases of spurious and outdated seeds being sold across the counter, the ERP application helps in monitoring expiry dates of seeds and inventories at various stages in different locations can also be ascertained.

Stock maintenance of foundation seeds as well as processed seeds, seed return, stock transfers between production centres etc, are some of the services covered by the application, he said.

Besides inventory management, the integrated application also works for managementfrom production to processing to germination and grow-up testingof seeds. With a database of seed companies, the user-friendly interface also helps in processing activities among others.

The clientele for the application include seed majors like Indo American Hybrid Seeds, Tulsi Seeds, Unicorn Seeds and Ganga Kaveri. Positive Solutions is in talks with other leading seed companies besides tapping the international market.