Security Is The Top Tech Priority For Indian Cos: Survey

New Delhi: | Updated: May 23 2003, 05:30am hrs
Information and network security has become the topmost technology concern of chief information officers (CIOs) in India, leaving behind their other major concerns of poor bandwidth and higher cost, according to a recent IDC report.

According to IDC, around 58 per cent Indian organisations rate information and network security as their topmost concern while only 11 per cent see cost of technology as their largest concern. Network management and lack of technical knowledge each has been rated the highest concern by 10 per cent Indian companies. Interestingly, bandwidth was a matter of concern for only 4 per cent of the Indian firms surveyed.

However, the spread of network security solutions despite being the topmost concern of most of the Indian organisations remains confined to large companies and a few industry segments sectors, according to industry experts. The government departments and companies involved in public utility services, however, are showing increasing interest in security technologies and solutions.

Speaking with eFE, Cisco business development manager for security solutions Avinash Purwar said, It will still take a tremendous amount of education for the Indian companies on security as most of them remain reactive buyers of security solutions.

Industry segments such as BFI and telecom are early adopters as security is directly related to their business and the direct cost of a security lapse can be enormous in these businesses, but traditional industries such as manufacturing and retail still remain to be slow adopters of security technologies.

Requesting anonymity, the marketing chief of a security solutions company said, An event like 9/11 may have raised awareness levels, but most of Indian companies assume that they are not vulnerable. They invest in security solutions only after experiencing a security breach. Moreover, there is also the perception that anti-virus software and firewalls are enough to take care of security for them.

Market sources, however, believe that the Indian government is going to be one of the major buyers of security solutions in the near future as many government departments are showing keen interest in security. Government IT infrastructure and networks being huge and complex, are more vulnerable to security breaches, a senior official from the department of information technology said.