Sebis weak walls

Updated: Nov 23 2005, 05:30am hrs
Sucheta Dalal’s ‘Putting the bloodhounds’ lair in order’ (Nov 21) was splendid in bringing out the ramifications of weak walls inside the Sebi fortress. One wonders at Sebi’s decision, under Section 15A, which says that filing of false and misleading information under the said section is not a punishable offence whereas the Act does not provide the punishment for placing such mis- leading information where for the same Act is clear about the quantum of fine as punishment for not providing any information under section 15A.

Does not providing wrong or misleading information amount to not providing any information And so does this not fall under the section relating to non-submission The situation is treated so lightly by the controller, especially when the disclosure was for an IPO. This goes to prove how inclined our securities controller is towards protecting the interests of small investors!
- M Govardhan

Personal choice
Regarding the recent controversy surrounding Khushboo’s views on pre-marital sex and Sania Mirza’s comments on wearing of skirts, I’d say that the kind of clothes a person wants to wear is a matter of personal choice. Whether a person wants to indulge in pre-marital sex is also a matter of personal choice. Everyone has a right to express his or her opinion. So, there is no need for further controversy on personal matters.
- Mahesh Kumar

Hot air
Narayan Rane’s vow to finish the Shiv Sena is just a tall claim. Even Sharad Pawar, a more astute and powerful politician than Mr Rane, could not finish the Congress. Also, Mr Pawar had to toe Sonia Gandhi’s line to cling to power in the state, as well as at the Centre.
- Sudhir K Bhave