S&DT Issues To Figure In Geneva Today

New Delhi, June 29 | Updated: Jul 1 2004, 04:48am hrs
The trade negotiations committee of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) will meet on Wednesday in Geneva to take up the issues of special and differential treatment (S&DT) for developing and least developed countries and problems related to anti-dumping and subsidy measures.

Other issues to be discussed include reports on the dispute settlement body and environment.

The S&DT issues are of importance to India and other developing countries because they were specially included in the Uruguay Round of negotiations to neutralise the disadvantages which they faced vis-a-vis their developed counterparts.

However, not much movement has taken place on the identification and implementation of S&DT measures despite the fact that the Doha negotiations launched in November 2001 included it in the work programme on a priority basis.

Now that WTO members have started work towards achieving a framework agreement by July-end, developing countries want that the S&DT issues should be given due prominence in it.

The chairman of the special session on trade and development, in his recent report, suggested that the July package should contain a rededication and commitment to the development dimension of WTO and the need to ensure that the Doha Round is a genuine development round.

India is also taking active interest in negotiations on anti-dumping and subsidy issues as every year it is subject to a large number of anti-dumping investigations and duty impositions which are later dismissed by the dispute settlement body.