Satyam Comp Sees Growth Linked To Customer Focus

Hyderabad: | Updated: May 31 2002, 05:30am hrs
Satyam Computer Services Limited (SCSL) has identified 5Cs - Communication, Collaboration, Competency Enhancement, Customer Intimacy and Competitive Edge as the pillars for future growth.

Customer focus is more than just a business imperative. It is the starting point of the companys initiatives and the catalyst of the future. To ensure customer orientation remains the core of its philosphy, the company has stressed on the 5Cs, it said in its annual report.

The companys emphasis on building long-standing relationship with clients has proved to be a success and has made it possible for it to explore new business opportunities with existing clients.

SCSL sees communication as a crucial factor that contributes to smooth functioning. Satyam would encourage straight-line communication where hierarchy supports the processes of communication, instead of hindering it. Active collaboration among various circles is the only effective way to meet the demands of customers, hence, it is a principle that is recognised and rewarded at Satyam, the report said.

The companys dedicated R&D centres would ensure the organisation is always ahead. Complementing the efforts in strengthening customer intimacy are frequent interactions at various levels with customers right from the top management to the actual project team in order to serve the customers better.

The company proactively utilises the quality processes, domain knowledge, best practices and best-of-breed technological know-how in giving a competitive edge to the customers business strategies.