Samsung Electronics: Galaxy Tab 3 is quite good, but not bright

Written by Vikram Chaudhary | Updated: Oct 2 2013, 00:49am hrs
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Tab 3: Compared to Samsung's seven-inch devices, Tab 3 has bigger display. Photo courtesy Samsung
Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Tab 3: Observing people using very large-sized machines as phones, I often used to wonder how convenient, or inconvenient for that matter, the same would be. Until I got a tablet-smartphone for reviewthe Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab 3 (T311)that was recently launched by the Korean major. Why do I say tablet-smartphone It is because now companies are launching products across the size spectrum; the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 fills the space between a tablet and a smartphone. And already there is a sort of war going on in this segment. You have the Apple iPad mini, the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire as its major competitors.

So, how good is the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Compared to Samsungs seven-inch devices, the Galaxy Tab 3 has a slightly bigger display, still it looks somewhat similar to other Galaxy devices. At a thickness of just 7.4 mm, it is also quite light316 gm. Overall, it has a design that is neat and functional. The construction quality of this device is at par with the best in business. Although dimensions have been calibrated to offer the best grip with smart usability and the slimmer bezel ensures screen space is maximised, operating the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, or for that matter operating any device of this size, is quite a task. Yes, using it with one hand, after a while, becomes inconvenient and, more often than not, you have to use both hands (as is the case when you use a tablet). In fact, I believe that it was not a very good idea to take the same S3 design and turn it into a tablet. So, using this device as a phone is not something I would seriously suggest.

Where Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 does score is screen size, quality and functionality. In fact, over the last 10 days that I have been carrying this device, I have found that it has everything you need to enjoy your multimedia experience. For instance, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has got a reading mode that automatically adjusts the screen to optimal levels to prevent eye strain when reading for prolonged periods of time. Then there is a dual view feature, which lets you view two screens at the same time, thus minimising the need to switch back and forth. Another feature called the pop-up video lets you get small tasks done while you watch a moviea small screen pops up so you dont miss an important movie scene while you are checking out your email.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 runs on the powerful 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor and comes with a high 1.5GB RAM. The internal storage is good at 16GB and users can add a microSD card to expand it. There are two camerasa 5-megapixel primary camera and a 1.3-megapixel front camera. While the cameras produce decent results, we would have wanted a much better experience from a device of such high standards. The screen clarity, though, is on the high sideat its brightest best, I could even read under the sun. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3's sound quality is very goodvolume levels are consistent and music playback is impressive. An eight-inch screen also gives you a nice gaming experience while still keeping the device compact compared to a full-sized 10-inch tablet.

A device that performs so many functions, needs to be well powered too. The Galaxy Tab 3 comes with a standard 4,450mAh battery that, the company claims, gives a talk time of up to 24 hours. In real-life conditions, I found that when used with a 3G connection for emails, internet browsing, gaming, watching movies and using as a phone, the device lasted long, quite long. In fact, after a full charge I used the Tab 3 extensively for two dayswhich means close to 8-10 hours of usage. Take off the 3G and limit your movies and the device can go beyond two days.

Is my money on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

When I got the Tab 3 for review I was myself contemplating buying a similar device. And honestly, until I had checked the price, I thought even Rs 20,000 is good enough for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. But when Samsung told me I need to shell out another Rs 5,500, I had my doubts and I started checking out other competing devices in the market. I still havent bought any, but would you pay Rs 25,500 for a tablet-smartphone that, although a very functional tablet, doesnt quite seem very good value for money Go decide.