Right recipe

Updated: Mar 31 2005, 05:30am hrs
Pepsis food brand, Frito Lays, is one of the consumer companies that has grown at more than 20% over the past three to four years. Given the manner in which they have grown, they seem to be extremely strong on distribution. The products are available in all places from supermarkets to grocery stores to remote locations. So whether it is the Frito Lays stand or the basket, it gets high visibility in the retail market.

I think this is a testimony to the sales and distribution they have at the ground level.

Second, on the product innovation front, the same chip and wafers, as we know it, have been given many colours and hues in terms of flavours which are region- centric, flavour-centric and always relatable for the average consumer.

This has actually helped the company ensure the brand is on top of the mind for the consumer. Also, the company has been able to package it with high-quality communication, which is very much in tune with what the segment probably requires. Signi-ficantly, the company has been bold enough to invest huge amounts in marketing the products, which, incidentally, is paying off. This is a measure of their aggression.

On the whole, efficient distribution, coupled with innovation and great quality consumer communication has really taken the brand several notches above others in the snack food industry.

Pepsis innovation in the food business is a key aspect of their growth strategy. Since food is a very sensitive subject, any innovation requires it be backed with rigorous market research. It is evident that Pepsis investment in this department has reaped rich rewards.

I am sure they would have launched several variants before zeroing on the right prescription.

The writer is chief of marketing, Dominos Pizza India Ltd. These are his personal views