Reviving Bengals Lost Glory

Updated: Aug 30 2003, 05:30am hrs
This refers to the edit page article Business and bandhs in Buddhadebs Bengal (Aug 22). Mr Baru is a highly respected finance writer and his comments about reviving Bengals lost glory are true. Bengal can still catch up in the brainpower industry like information technology, biotechnology and so on, given the intellectual prowess of Bengalis. Then I need not locate myself in Bangalore, I can go to Kolkata. I know Mr Buddhadeb is sincere but his comrades at Alimuddin Street such as Anil Biswas and Biman Bose will stymie all his efforts and make Bengal liveable only for the party cadre. I keep my finger crossed.
Pranab Jana

Language Politics
Malvika Singh in her article on the current political scenario Old agendas of old leaders (Aug 23) has rightly commented that Politicians baggage mustnt become the nations and she calls for the youth, the new generation voter, to back a party that believes in discarding class- and caste-based politics. However, Ms Singhs remark about Hindi not reflecting the real situation, is irrelevant. No doubt, Hindi is the mother tongue of those living in the heartland but the Constitution of the country has adopted Hindi as the official and national language of India. And in a democracy, the Constitutional provisions have to be accepted.

Again, to compare Indian states with European countries is not correct. While the Indian states are an integral part of India and have been so for times immemorial, the European states have been sovereign independent states having distinct history, culture and languages.
Vidya Sagar, Delhi

Qualified Bankers
The newly rechristened Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (formerly Indian Institute of Bankers) has introduced a qualification course in financial advising/counselling in a tie-up with Securities Institute, Australia. This is welcome news and an ideal step, as banking and finance are interconnected. The days of mere graduates joining the banking sector en masse have gone. With technology advancement and invasion of foreign banks, changes need to take place. It may be a good idea to introduce a course on banking which is mandatory for entry into the sector. This would ensure that quality people meeting certain basic standards enter the service.
R S Raghavan, Bangalore

Brave Mumbaikars
Hats off to our dear and brave Mumbaikars for delivering the best possible snub to the masterminds of the blasts, evident in the resilience shown in bouncing back within 24 hours. We now hope that very soon these rogue elements will be taken into custody.
Navneet Dhawan