Review MTV Twister: Made for the outdoors

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Updated: Jan 18 2014, 01:02am hrs
MTV TwisterMTV Twister is made for the outdoors
For many of us, the term MTV brings back memories of the early nineties when we were first exposed to unabridged, unadulterated western music and our parents to the high volumes and liberated attitudes that came with it. When I recently got to test the MTV Twister, a Bluetooth speaker this very popular music brand has brought out in collaboration Soundlogic, a lot of these memories came flooding back.


The MTV Twister is everything that you would imagine the brand to be. It is young, it is bright and it is vivacious. The shape might remind you of the spittoon-shaped loudspeakers of last century. But it is not made of aluminum or metal like that 1900s classic. In fact, the Twister is made of a very rubbery material. That is because it has been made splash and shock proof. That means you would want to use this for a rain dance or a beach party, just be careful you dont let sand go inside the eye of this whirlpool shaped speaker. There is just one button on the device, a power button at the rear. Here you also find a micro USB port for charging and a 3.5mm jack in case you dont want to go wireless. The power buttons is also used for Bluetooth pairing.


The device is easy to pair, though on the iPhone it showed up as a headphone which was a bit confusing. You would expect anything that has MTV on it to be loud. The Twister wont disappoint you on that count. In fact, I did not imagine a 3W speaker to be this loud. It seems the shape does do its bit in ensuring that everyone at the party hears it out. But there is no doubt that those in front of the speaker will hear more than those behind it. Well, you can again blame the shape for that.

I wont call the audio quality bad, but that is about it. This is certainly not for those like to hear an acoustic cover to a popular song. This is certainly for those who like a Yo Yo Honey Singh, or Whams Wake Me Up if you are from the original MTV generation. But then this is intended for a party and no one hears acoustic covers a poolside parties.

Should you buy it: Go ahead if you are a regular host of parties, especially those that tend to be on the wild side. I wouldnt suggest this as a Bluetooth speaker for the home. It just lacks the versatility that you might want to. But then dont think twice if you are a loud music aficionado.

Price Rs 2,999

Rating: 3.5