Revenue Growth To Rise Fivefold This Fisc: Nipuna

Hyderabad | Updated: Apr 23 2004, 05:30am hrs
After a long gestation period, Nipuna Services Ltd, the business process outsourcing (BPO) arm of Satyam Computer Services Ltd is all set for a major take off. The company has projected a fivefold revenue growth for the current fiscal at $12 million as against $2.38 million achieved during last fiscal. Subsequently, Nipuna Services will expand its BPO operations to Bangalore and is expected to commence the operations there by May this year. The company has made a substantial investment.

Addressing a press conference here on the occasion of declaring its annual results on Thursday, Satyam Computer Services chairman B Ramalinga Raju said that the five-fold projected increase in the revenue has been due to the increased customer traction.

On the back of increased traction coupled with the recent addition of more Satyam clients into the BPO arm, Nipuna is expected to post a five-fold increase in its revenue growth at $12 million, Mr Raju said.

The company has increased its client base to 13 as against last years six and many of them are Satyam Computers clients, he said.

Following encouraging signs during the fiscal, the company has expanded its operations to Bangalore. The Bangalore operations, with an initial capacity of 60 seats, will commence its operations by May this year and would be expanded to 350 seats during the fiscal, Mr Raju said.

The company is also looking at increasing its manpower in Hyderabad.

The total number of employees in Hyderabad will be increased from the precent level of 503 to 550 soon.