Retired Military Personnel Ready To Do Policing In Iraq

New Delhi, Nov 7: | Updated: Nov 8 2003, 05:30am hrs
A considerable number of Indian security personnel are willing to enter the UN police force for Iraq in their personal capacity, provided they are sufficiently insured and the remuneration levels are reasonably good.

According to retired military officials, this is not a new phenomenon. Indians have gone under the UN flag and international commander to various countries at least 10 times earlier, they insist.

Indeed, they say, both JCOs and officers are open to going as police force in Iraq even in response to a mere newspaper advertisement. However, acceptable monetary compensation for such a venture would be at least $4,000 for officers and $2,000 for JCOs per month. Some retired officials however accept that there are legal hurdles in this. Some other retired officers feel that there is a lot of confusion in Iraq and there is need for a legal framework.

Some officers and jawans belonging to Nepal and Bhutan, who have served in the Indian Army earlier, are also willing to go to Iraq and Afghanistan in view of Maoist tension in their own countries.

Recently on sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Iraqi foreign minister Hoshiyar Zebari told finance minister Jaswant Singh that, Indian troops will be welcome in Iraq.

Most private security firms cater to ex-servicemen and officers on contract. They offer services to public sector companies. Almost all personnel serving in these agencies have been in active in field duties and are willing to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan on payment of an attractive package. Normally since all their life they have been in transit as security guards, officers in private agencies they prefer to be nearer home.

We send lot of guards to West Asia as personal guards for Sheiks but so far we have never sent anyone for policing duty, said Col (retd) Nanda of Tops Group Security.

The Tops Group is the second largest domestic security firm. We have to follow the policy of the government.