Retail industry all game for a revolution

Written by Mona Mehta | Mumbai, Mar 28 | Updated: Mar 30 2008, 04:36am hrs
The $12 billion Indian retail industry is all set to witness a revolution of branded exclusive gamestop zones in the cybercafe format in the next two to three years, according to console gaming majors. The move will come in the wake of the drastic shift in consumers perception in experiencing console gaming products apart from buying products from modern retail formats instead of buying the products from the grey market. Besides, Indian console gaming market could see emerging trends in sync with the global trend such as party gaming and child gaming as well. While in the UK, Playstation II gaming series market has achieved a saturation level due to 75% penetration, Playstation III gaming series trend is shifting to emerging markets such as India and Russia.

Atindriya Bose, country manager Playstation, Sony Computer Entertainment told FE, We have recently launched Party or Social Gaming and Child Gaming concepts on Playstation platform with Indianised content. These concepts are a hit across the globe. Party gaming or social gaming is perhaps a term meant to showcase in the living room where lot of people can play. There are three varieties to it. At first is Singstar, which allows many people to compete with one another simultaneously on music and audio-video where they compete with each other by singing together.

Buzz, the second variety is the term of four to eight people quizzing on how one answers the questions and post how one gathers the point by reducing someone elses point and determine the ultimate winner.

Third variety is the eye toy, a camera-based game based on the physical movement by standing in front of the camera on top of the television. This is an innovative motion capture game, which elaborates running curve inclusive in nature. Child game falls under the term called buzz junior game. The child fastest on the buzzer with the happening of different actions wins the game.

Sony Computer Entertainment has sold about 3.25 lakh units of Sony Playstation II and one-lakh units of Sony Playstation I series through multi-branded retail formats. Bose said, Now, we are planning to set up 500 integrated display units (IDUs) in 100 Sony World and remaining 400 through modern retailing formats such as Croma, Reliance Digital, Vijay Sales, Sony Mony etc.