Resource Envelope, Self-certified Employer In Kerala Pipeline

Thiruvananthapuram, January 24: | Updated: Jan 25 2003, 05:30am hrs
`Resource envelope' for departmental budgeting, virtual university for agriculture and `presumptive compliance regime' in labour are some of the highlight concepts that emerged in the Governor's address to the Kerala Assembly on Friday. Apart from presenting a digest of prior announced projects, the Governor's address shed little new light on Antony government's future agenda.

From next financial, select departments will initiate a process of preparing their annual budget on the concept of the `resource envelope' that would take into account an optimal mix of staff costs, operation and maintenance expenses and new investments in schemes, Kerala Governor Sikander Bakht told the Assembly. This is to establish an organic link between policy, programmes and budget, focusing on clearly verifiable outcomes of the planning process, he said.

On the recommendations of M S Swaminathan Committee, the State government has plans to set up a virtual university for agriculture trade to help better information access aimed at meeting the new challenges in agriculture.

As part of the labour policy, the State government is also giving shape to a `presumptive compliance regime' where establishments can opt for `self-certification', declaring compliance with the labour laws.

As the first State to draw up an anti-poverty sub-plan, the state government will undertake a comprehensive survey of BPL population in the state, bringing out all the salient features of the poverty in the state, the Governor said. For this, in partnership with the Planning Commission, the government will bring out a human development report and state development report, he added.