Resort fiasco will hurt Bengal image further, say realtors

Written by fe Bureaus | kolkata | Updated: Aug 26 2009, 09:10am hrs
Although real estate majors are dismissing the Vedic Village violence on Sunday as a one- off incident, they privately admit that it will hurt the image of the state, just like Singur and Nandigram did.

Credai Bengal president Pradeep Sureka said the state was badly in need of a mediator to negotiate land acquisitions. "I hope the incident does not affect future plans of realty companies," he said. The absence of an aggregator in West Bengal or any proper mediator for buying land in the state is probably at the root of such problems, Sureka said. Anti-socials should not be involved but there is nothing wrong in the developer using people to buy land from locals, according to Sureka. A cache of arms and ammunition was recovered from the Vedic Village premises.

Merlin Group MD Sushil Mohta blamed it on the lack of job opportunities in the state.When people are idle they resort to such things. If the youth get employment they would not waste their time burning others property, Mohta pointed out. Asking people to stop politicising the incident, he said: All the parties, whether it is the Left, Trinamool Congress or the Congress, should rise above politics if they are serious about development in the state. Everything here gets politicised. Bengal should be declared the political capital of the world. Leaders are there to lead the people so politics should be kept aside when it comes to development."

However, according to Mayfair Group managing director Rahul Gupta, deals should be more transparent and honest to avoid such incidents. He said if his company had any plans for Rajarhat, they would have been temporarily stalled. This is a clear reminder of the harm the incident has done to the business prospects of Rajarhat.

Jitendra Khaitan, CEO, Pioneer Property Management, said the government should take steps so that the culprits are punished, sending a clear signal that such behaviour will not be tolerated. This should stop here or else the damage will be enormous, Khaitan said.

With tourist inflow already down due to swine flu, the Vedic Village violence is going to hit the industry further.

Travel portal Makemytrips general manager, Shubhro Mukherjee, said the inbound traffic of tourists to the city will be affected. What has happened is really sad but if such a lavish property is built among poverty the security should have been much tighter, he said.