Reluctant CPI-M says not now to CPIs unification programme

New Delhi, Jan 26 | Updated: Jan 27 2005, 05:30am hrs
The issue of a unification between the two main Left parties, CPI and CPI-M, has come up once again, particularly after the release of the CPIs draft political resolution for the 19th party congress on January 23.

Although this has been a recurring theme in the CPIs resolutions in the last few resolutions, the draft resolution for the 19th congress devotes an entire hapter on the issue of Left unity.

That the CPI is more interested in a merger than the CPI-M, is clear from its policy on the issue mentioned in the draft political resolution, wherein it states that a consolidated and unified Left will remain unstable without communit unity. The two are complementary.

When asked about the possibility of a merger between the two Left parties, CPI general secretary AB Bardhan said, We are working together, but there is nothing as yet, and there is no hurry. There are still some ideological and programmatic differences, but we are talking about it,he said.

He, however, added, political responsibility necessitates communist unity and it cannot be ignored for long.

Speaking to FE, CPI national secretary D Raja said, Since we (CPI and CPI-M) split up about 40 years ago, certain events, both national and international have occurred which have reduced differences between us.

Mr Raja, however, denied that his partys interest in a merger had anything to do with the possibility of the CPIs losing its status as a national party on the grounds that it does not have sufficient representation in Parliament.

However, the CPI-M is less enthusiastic about the possibility of such a merger, at least in the foreseeable future.

When asked, CPI-M politbureau member Prakash Karat said on the sidelines of the inauguration of the reception committee for the partys 18th congress, that although CPI-M believed in the necessity of general coming together of all the Left parties under a common platform, it did not necessarily mean that a merger was on the cards.

Also, while the draft political resolution of the CPI-Ms 18th congress talks about Left unity, it is in more general terms. Although it says that there is a need for CPI-M, as the largest Left party, to work towards strengthening the current unity of the four Left parties, such a broad unity...will be the lever for widening the movements and struggles and expanding the influence of the Left.