Reel world sees real potential in revamping strategies

Written by Shaheen Mansuri | Smita Joshi Saha | Mumbai, Apr 10 | Updated: Apr 12 2008, 05:03am hrs
Strikingly new publicity stunts and marketing strategies are a recipe for the success of a big-budget film. This fact is evident from not only the bloated marketing spends by the film-makers but also the pre-release advertising of films. As in the case of Rakesh Roshans Krazzy4 and Ajay Devgans directorial debut U, Me aur Hum which has a spend of Rs 50 crore.

The publicity budget of U, Me Aur Hum is approximately Rs 10 crore, says media consultant Parag Desai.

Moreover, to create an active interest for the film amongst the cine-goers, U, Me Aur Hum team has launched several contests like, Meet the star contest, wherein the winners get to meet the star-cast of the film and avail interactive content from the film in the form of ringtones, graphics, video clips, themes, animations as well as colour logos. The film makers have tied up with Mauj Mobile for the purpose. Identifying the consumers expectation, we have also launched an interesting and gripping romantic game based on the movies characters Ajay and Pia and have further spiced up the package with several unique characteristics like dedicated songs and star interviews for all movie buffs, says Manoj Dawane, chief executive officer, People Infocom (Mauj Mobile).

Bhavesh Thakker, marketing head, Filmkraft Productions (Krazzy4) eludicated the need for grabbing the attention of the viewers before the release, We too have caller tune downloads for the music of the film. The film is a mid-cap budget film with an ensembled cast. The performance in the Krazzy4 songs by actor Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Rakhi Sawant are integral to the film and we already have a tremendous response from the masses who are already using them as caller tunes.

Says media analyst, Saurab Gurmurkar, Kotak Securities, By allocating huge marketing budgets and publicity stunts before the release, Indian corporate studios are going the Hollywood way. Previously, box-office collections and music releases were the only revenue pullers for any film, but with the budget of the films sky-rocketing, multiple revenue streams can only sustain the growth in the entertainment sector.