Reduce dependence on fossil fuel: Saran

Written by fe Bureau | New Delhi | Updated: Feb 28 2009, 05:35am hrs
As India pushes for equitable global sharing of carbon space while dealing with negotiations on climate change mitigation, Prime Ministers special envoy on climate change Shyam Saran on Friday said the country should not depend on depleting sources of fossil fuel to meet its energy needs in the long run.

We need to devise a strategy for tapping renewable sources of energy for meeting growing demand for power in the country, Saran said while briefing media on Indias position on climate change issues.

Saran said while country pursues its economic development programme, it would not allow its per capita green house gas (GHG) emissions to exceed the average per capita emissions of the developed countries.

According to Saran, the per capita carbon dioxide emissions currently are 1.1 tonne as compared with over 20 tonne for the United States and more than 10 tonne for most of the OECD countries. He stressed that the mandate of the 15th conference of parties in Copenhagen in December was to enhance long-term cooperation on climate change under Bali Action Plan and not about renegotiating UNFCC. The United States and China account for over 16% each of the total global emissions while India, despite its very large population and rapidly growing economy, trails at 4%, he said.

On the financial inflow to developing countries from the developed nations on mitigation efforts, Saran said, It can not be considered as a substitute for the multilateral financing mechanism.