Reametrix unveils high-value solutions in cellular biology

Bangalore, Jan 27 | Updated: Jan 28 2005, 05:30am hrs
Armed with a $3.5 million funding from West Bridge Capital Partners and Mobius Technology Ventures, Reametrix Inc with operations in the US and India has launched high value reagents (chemical agent) and assay solutions (testing solution) for applications in cellular biology.

Currently, the solutions offered by Reametrix are aimed at enabling and improving R&D productivity at the drug discovery stage. The company plans to take these solutions to the clinical trial and diagnostics markets in phases. Speaking to FE, Reametrix founder Bala Manian said, With the Indian pharmaceutical and biotech firms entering into serious drug discovery research and clinical research and diagnostics business growing in the country, Reametrix is looking at India as a prospective market for its solutions. Reametrix, currently, services a client base in the US and Europe through distribution partners, including Applied Biosystems and Becton Dickinson. The company uses a business model where raw materials are taken from the US and value addition is being done in India. We operate on an economically attractive offshore development and manufacturing model, said Mr Bala Manian.

According to Mr Manian, in a research process, 80% of the time is spend on getting reagents, validating and building combinations. The researcher gets only 20% time to perform the actual experiments. We have come up with a solution which will enable the life science researcher to concentrate on actual experiments, he said.

While a wide range of instrumentation technologies exist to address cell function, the development of reagents and assays utilising these technologies has not kept pace, he added. Having the manufacturing base in India will help ReaMetrix to generate reagents and reagent combinations with a high degree of standardisation and validation in a cost-efficient manner. In addition to the cost advantage, these solutions will accelerate the research process, he said.