Really moving

Updated: Mar 24 2006, 05:30am hrs
Discovery Channel, the well-known television company, needs to discover the value of brushing up on detail. There was much amusement at this newspapers office this week, when a packet from the channel arrived here addressed to its previous editor, now media adviser to the Prime Minister. It was addressed c/o Prime Ministers Office, Express Building, ITO, New Delhi. We presume Discovery supposed the PMO had moved, literally, to take him in, not the other way round!

Drowsy VIP

Few things can be as boring and so, sleep-inducing, as a long list of ceremonious speakers. Especially for exhausted VIPs, who have to go through this day after day for years. And so it was with visiting Bangladeshi PM, Khaleda Zia, at a meet organised for emphasising the importance of India-Bangladesh trade relations. Ms Zia had a closed-eye look of intense concentration while she listened on. But for the occasional drop of her neck, the secret of the closed eyes would have never been revealed.

Sage advice

Dilip Singh Judeo, the BJP MP who had to quit as Union minister in a cash-on-camera scandal three years before, was often seen strolling in the corridors of Parliament during the Budget session. Interestingly, it wasnt politicians or journalists who gave him much company. Instead, it was the visitors who had come to watch the proceedings whom he invariably used to accompany. Among other things, he was seen telling young children about the history of Parliament and his party leaders.