RBI Brightens Up Annual Report

Updated: Aug 31 2002, 05:30am hrs
The days of verbose Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Annual Reports are gone. The central bank has this time around relied more on graphical representations. For keen followers of RBI Annual Reports, this is welcome for a ready reference.

Here is a sampler: the number of charts used by RBI is 238 reflecting or 194 per cent more by way of charts than the previous one. Last year, only 81 charts were used. The latest annual report for the period July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002, carries 39 box items, up from 24 boxes. Similarly, 110 tables have been used, up from last years 69.

We have been trying to make our publications more presentable and attractive. In fact, over the last couple of years, this has been our constant endeavour, the RBI spokesperson told FE. And that means the yet to come out Report on Currency & Finance, and on the Trend and Progress of Banking In India will also look smarter. Read smarter as well.

Our focus is also to make it content-heavy. But at the same time, more graphics will help you for ready references, the spokesperson added. The Annual Report is also heavy! The total number of pages goes over 680, excluding the cover. And it weighs 2 kgs and 150 grams. Some of our colleagues had a real hard time carry it from the RBI office.

The RBI Annual Report also looks and feels good. The light cream cover has a real soothing effect on your eyes. And one feels like going through it. And the fantastic paper-quality. Of course, after going through the contents and reading up on the economy, all such feelings evaporate. Remember the saying: never judge a book...!

But it may be good idea to separate the Hindi section to make it more cost efficient. Is it a wastage But then, if the countrys central bank cannot bear the cost, you are in a real soup! The argument ends there.

Last year, the maximum number of graphs were used for the Money, Credit and Policy chapter.

The RBI used up 28 pages for the chapter Financial Markets, followed by 20 pages each for the External Sector and Financial Regulation And Supervision. The maximum number of paragraphs (100) is used for the chapter called Financial Regulation and Supervision. Is there a story here!