Ranbaxy Labs To Boost Anti-AIDS Drug Output To Meet Demand Rise

New Delhi, November 28: | Updated: Nov 29 2002, 05:30am hrs
Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited is taking up its production levels to provide anti-AIDS medicines for treatment for 0.5 to one million patients suffering from AIDS in the coming 18-24 months across the world.

The announcement was made by the companys president (pharmaceuticals) Brian W Tempest on the eve of the world Aids day on the first of December. He added that Ranbaxy hopes to address a part of the growing demand for anti-retrovirals (ARVs) by offering cost-effective and quality medicines. Ranbaxy already has the capacity to take up production levels without the need to make additional capital investments.

Ranbaxy is working to open new markets for itself by filing 300 registrations in 54 countries during the last 18 months.

In thelast year, Ranbaxy has made around 100 registrations/marketing authorisations with products available in almost 20 countries. Six (10 Dosage Forms/approvals in all) anti-AIDS products have also been pre-qualified by the World Health Organization of which four are ARVs. Ranbaxy is already marketing its anti-AIDS range of products in several countries which include developing countries like Nigeria, Zambia, Vietnam, Burkina Faso and Myanmar.

In October 2002, Ranbaxy SA (Pty), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited and Tiger Brands Healthcare division, Adcock Ingram, had formed a 50:50 joint venture to exclusively sell and distribute Ranbaxys range of ARV products in South Africa.The company currently has 10 products on offer in the Indian market.

This range of bio-equivalent generic ARVs are Didanosine, Lamivudine, Lamivudine + Stavudine, Lamivudine + Zidovudine, Stavudine, Zidovudine, Lamivudine+Stavudine+Nevirapine, Indinavir, Nevirapine, Efavirenz.