Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards

Written by Express news service | New Delhi | Updated: Sep 10 2014, 02:12am hrs
Ramnath GoenkaRamnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards is being held in New Delhi today. (Neeraj Priyadarshi)
The seventh edition of the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards, instituted by The Express Group in the memory of its founder and now the most coveted annual event in the Indian media calendar, is being held in New Delhi today.

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, who is the chief guest at the function, is presenting the awards for outstanding work done in 2011 and 2012. The winners have been chosen by an eminent jury from nominations in 15 categories.

Here are the highlights LIVE from the event:

7:40 pm:It was not about Daniel and me, it was about saving the truth:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:37 pm:Daniel was not a reckless person, he was not keen on going to Afghanistan:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:36 pm:When in Pakistan, Daniel wrote on how wars are created, and how facts are distorted:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:35 pm:Audience appears captivated at the#RNGJournalismAwardslistening to the memorial lecture by@MarianePearl

7:35 pm:Not everything Daniel did was recognised by his editors:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:30 pm:If you know who you are, you are not afraid of other people:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:29 pm:Danny and I stayed for three years in India:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:28 pm:To me, Daniel Pearl was a hero of the ordinary:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:26 pm:My father said, cynicism is the weapon of the weak, I thank him for telling me that:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:25 pm:I challenge you to label me:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:24 pm: Integrity is the lifeline of journalists:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:23 pm:The greatest jihad is to fight within yourself to become a better human being:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:22 pm:We need to create a counter-narrative:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:22 pm:Terrorists create a narrative to justify their acts:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:22 pm:Terrorists want to strike the common grounds for talks:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:20 pm:There can be no greater courage than to live by the values you have set for yourself:@MarianePearlat#RNGJournalismAwards

7:15 pm:Mariane Pearl begins her address at#RNGJournalismAwards

7:15 pm:[protected-iframe id="5830b8481ef9ef045175fdc6688214c8-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/suhP8IRShw/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

7:14 pm:Seema Chishti introduces Meriane Pearl at#RNGJournalismAwards

7:12 pm:Foreign correspondent covering India - Stephanie Nolen, The Globe and Mail, and Victor John Mallet, The Financial Times#RNGJournalismAward

7:11 pm:[protected-iframe id="0cf0b7f8af2a9b6b7fd28dfffaba4797-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/sug7MCxShb/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

7:10 pm:BUSINESS & ECONOMIC JOURNALISM (BROADCAST) - Karma Paljor, CNN-IBN and Manu C Kumar of Manorama News#RNGJournalismAwards

7:07 pm:[protected-iframe id="b37709c9fa5729bca54d75725f6f3b3a-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/suga-6xSgq/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

7:06 pm:Business and Economic journalism (print) - Dinesh Unnikrishnan of Mint and Nidhi Verma of Reuters#RNGJournalismAwards

7:05 pm:Journalist Of The Year - Srinivasan Jain, NDTV#RNGJournalismAwards

7:04 pm:Environment reporting broadcast - Arti Dattatray Kulkarni, IBN Lokmat and Ajay Suri & Asif Khan, National Geographic#RNGJournalismAwards

7:03 pm:Environment reporting broadcast - Arti Dattatray Kulkarni, IBN Lokmat and Ajay Suri & Asif Khan, National Geographic#RNGJournalismAwards

7:02 pm:Environment reporting print - Vinod Kumar Menon of Mid-Day#RNGJournalismAwards

7:00 pm:Environment reporting print - R Samban of Deshabhimani#RNGJournalismAwards

Winners of 2011 Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards. (Source: Neeraj Priyadarshi)

7:00 pm:Reporting from J&K & Northeast broadcast - Srinivasan Jain and Maya Mirchandani of NDTV#RNGJournalismAwards

6:58 pm:[protected-iframe id="f7fbb021db33a5b744b999c9621b8a69-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/sufib3xSvu/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

6:58 pm:Reporting from J&K & Northeast (print) - Lambok Thabah, U Nongsain Hima and Bashaarat Masood from IE#RNGJournalismAwards

6:57 pm:[protected-iframe id="1775f043d14ae3838498c7b043c15d5e-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/sufSzPRSvQ/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

6:56 pm:Sports journalism broadcast - Vinayak Deepak Gaikwad of IBN Lokmat and Vimal Mohan of NDTV#RNGJournalismAwards

6:56 pm:Sports print - Anand Vasu of Sports Illustrated India and Shantanu Guha Roy of@IndiaToday#RNGJournalismAwards

6:54 pm:[protected-iframe id="6b5e4e40df4f0782ff48671a7fceb1a1-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/sufGrfxSvA/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

6:54 pm:Regional languages print - Reji R Nair and Soman T from Matrubhumi#RNGJournalismAwards

6:53 pm:[protected-iframe id="3aa8633bf2e2d0c47769349412eb5ca6-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/sue4mbRSus/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

6:52 pm:[protected-iframe id="2f5f7792ab07614d4a33b8915ddcec7f-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/suetoJxSua/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

6:51 pm:Books (Non fiction) print - Mark Tully for Non Stop India & Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark for The Meadow#RNGJournalismAwards

6:51 pm:Film and TV journalism (Broadcast) - Yaseer Usman, ABP News#RNGJournalismAwards

6:50 pm:[protected-iframe id="42c1884e58eaae3b3f335696f9ea3a3b-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/sueUL-xStz/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

6:48 pm:Film and TV (print) - Shweta Thakur Nanda of The Week#RNGJournalismAwards

6:47 pm:[protected-iframe id="85e79fd60bcd91ccb2c956e80b6a8595-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/sueGSLRSte/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

6:46 pm:Hindi (Broadcast) - Sharik Rahman Khan from NDTV India#RNGJournalismAwards

6:46 pm:Hindi (Print) - Priyanka Dubey and Brijesh Singh from Tehelka#RNGJournalismAwards

6:45 pm:Uncovering India Invisible (broadcast) - Alka Atmaram Dhupkar from IBN Lokmat#RNGJournalismAwards

6:44 pm:[protected-iframe id="1ee90957669a9867232ad689a3f29bbb-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/sudugjRSs6/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

6:42 pm:Uncovering India Invisible (print) award: Anil Padmanabhan & Cordelia Jenkins from Mint. Neelesh Mishra & Manish Mishra#RNGJournalismAwards

6:40 pm:Prakash Kardaley memorial award for civic journalism goes to Radheshyam (TOI) and Kunal Rajnikant (HT)#RNGJournalismAwards

6:39 pm:We must speak the truth, but it must focus on doing good to the people: Sumitra Mahajan at#RNGJournalismAwards

6:37 pm:There should be a positive thought process behind journalism and the freedom it has: Sumitra Mahajan at#RNGJournalismAwards

6:35 pm:[protected-iframe id="17a79de49fd9ff940734598ed1c1a905-53855017-70381551" info="//instagram.com/p/sucySKRSrZ/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"]

6:32 pm:Informing people as well as thegovtis the responsibility of journalists: Sumitra Mahajan at#RNGJournalismAwards

6:30 pm:Sumitra Mahajan lauds Meriane Pearl at#RNGJournalismAwards

6:28 pm:Shri Ram Nath Goenka was one of the few fearless and determined journalists: Sumitra Mahajan at#RNGJournalismAwards

6:27 pm:I am very pleased to be here at#RNGJournalismAwards: Sumitra Mahajan

6:24 pm:Viveck Goenka invites Sumitra Mahajan to address the gathering at#RNGJournalismAwards

6:23 pm:Meriane Pearl lives the journalism of courage: Viveck Goenka at#RNGJournalismAwards

6:22 pm:We received 317 applications for the#RNGJournalismAwards: Viveck Goenka

6:19 pm:Express Group chairman Viveck Goenka delivers the introductory speech at#RNGJournalismAwards

6:16 pm:Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and Express Group chairman and MD Viveck Goenka on stage#RNGJournalismAwards