Ram Gopal Varma's 'sexy' Sridevi avatar upsets Boney Kapoor

Written by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | Updated: Oct 11 2014, 21:08pm hrs
Ram gopal vermaNot just Sridevi's husband, it is also her fans who are really irked by Ram Gopal Verma.
When Ram Gopal Varma decided to make a South film titled Sridevi, many thought the film would be related to the evergreen diva and Bollywood actress Sridevi. However, the posters of the film left many of them shocked. They depicted a woman flaunting her midriff, legs in a sexy saree, as a teen is looking lecherously at them.

But Boney Kapoor surely wasn't happy about his wife's name being dragged in a film which talks about a young boy's crush on a much elder woman. In fact, the producer husband of the actress has sent a legal notice to Ram Gopal Varma on the same. From what we hear, prior to taking a legal action, Boney Kapoor had even confronted RGV asking him to change the title, but knowing the filmmaker's adamant nature, Ram Gopal Varma refused to budge.

Apart from Sridevi's husband, it is also her fans who are really irked by these pictures. In fact, Ram Gopal Verma is being flaked by the actress' well wishers for using her name in such a 'cheap' manner.

On the other hand, Ram Gopal Varma though hasn't commented on this legal controversy, he has been posting about the upcoming film Sridevi on his Facebook wall. "The designs of "Sridevi" given below clearly indicate the story line of "Sridevi" which is about a teen's infatuation towards an older woman...what never ceases to amaze me is the power of a photographic image..these images are testimony to the fact that one still picture can tell so much about a subject matter giving credence to the phrase "A picture is the equivalent of thousand words"

"Sridevi" produced by Cosmic pictures and directed by Kiran Prasad is about a 15 year old boy's infatuation towards a 25 year old woman.. ...the age of the boy is such that he is just sexually awakening and the film is about how he gets affected due to his exposure to pornography and various such other things present in today's culture and also about how he is influenced by such things as glamorous heroines and also due to advertisers using sex to sell their various products ...the woman who is playing the title role is a first time actress named Anukriti Sharma"

But what is even more surprising is the fact that Ram Gopal Varma who is really excited about the film Sridevi, was once an ardent fan of the actress and always spoke in awe of her beauty. In fact, when we came across the filmmaker's blog, dated June 5, 2010, a whole write-up was dedicated to the actress where RGV expressed his love for her, his experience of meeting her for the first time and working with her for his films, and how Kshana Kshanam was an ode to the beauty of the actress. Some excerpts from the article:

"When I was shooting "Andanantha Ettha Tara Theeram" song in Kshana Kshanam. After a certain shot in which Venkatesh and Sridevi were dancing I said "fantastic" and the dance master asked for one more take. After the shot was done, once again I said "fantastic" and the dance master again asked for one more...I asked my assistant why he is asking for one more and he said "Sir, you are looking at Sridevi and he is looking at Venkatesh". Well, if she was in the frame no matter who else was there and what else was happening I and millions of others used to only look at her."

"Well anyway to cut short, a very long heart touching story of my feelings towards Sridevi I finished Kshana Kshanam and then went on to make Govinda, Govinda with her and in due course I have seen her going through a lot of personal tragedies like her father's death and her mother's mental illness."

"The woman who the men of the entire nation desired was suddenly left all alone in the world till Boney Kapoor stepped in to fill the vaccum. So straight from her super stardom and magazine covers and her dazzling beauty on the silver screen, I saw her in Boney's house serving tea like an ordinary housewife. I hated Boney Kapoor for bringing that angel from heaven down to being just an ordinary housewife. I don't go to Boney's house these days because I can't bear to see Sridevi in a realistic house, in a realistic atmosphere and with realistic people around. For me she is like a highly precious diamond which should be seen only in beautiful settings or in exotic locations and only in the surroundings of cinematic brilliance. Sridevi is the most beautiful and the most sexiest woman God ever created and I think he creates such exquisite pieces of art like her only once in a million years."

The man who has been in awe of the actress has now faced a controversy for disrespecting the woman he had always admired.