Rajasthan traders focus on guar seed sowing

Jaipur, July 31 | Updated: Aug 1 2005, 06:02am hrs
Guar seed, which has seen a lot of speculation in trading recently, may witness moderate fluctuation in prices as traders in Rajasthan turn attention to progress in sowing.

Till July 10, guar was sown in 763,000 hectares, almost 550,000ha more than the corresponding period last year, according to the agriculture department. Guar gum from the seed is used as a thickener in cosmetics, sauces and salad dressings, among other things.

Rajasthan accounts for 70-74% of Indias guar seed output, and the production depends largely on the rains since it is a rainfed crop. However, it grows best in dry areas and too much rain can reduce the growth of seeds. The main producing areas of Jodhpur, Nagaur, Merta, Degana and Balotra, which account for 60% of the states production, have received good rains during the first phase of sowing, the department said. Sekhawati, Bikaner and Churu are other producing regions.

Good rains can bring down the prices by Rs 200-400 per quintal to Rs 1000-1400, a senior farm official said.

Prices are hovering at Rs 1550-1600 per quintal for guar seed and Rs 4000-4200 a quintal for guar gum. If good rains are recorded in Dungarpur, Bikaner and Barmer regions, the prices would be around Rs 1000-1400 per quintal.