Prof Khusro Remembered

New Delhi, August 26: | Updated: Aug 27 2003, 05:30am hrs
Academics showered lavish praises on Prof AM Khusro as an economist, teacher and administrator at a condolence meeting that was held at the Institue of Economic Growth (IEG) here on Tuesday.

IEG director BB Bhattacharya recalled Prof Khusro as a multi-faceted personality and lauded his efforts in building up the institute. He expressed his and the institutes deep sense of gratitude to the services of the late professor.

Former IEG director PC Joshi remembered the professor as an economist who was not a prisoner of dogmas. When most of us kept clinging to the ideas of plan and cooperatives, even though they had failed, Prof Khusro moved on. It is easy to fall in love with ideas. But Prof Khusro refused to cling to them.

Union Public Service Commission member SR Hashim said, Good upbringing, decency, culture these are most difficult to define in words. If I were to define them, I would present Prof Khusro as a model of good upbringing, decency and culture.

Dr Ashish Bose, who was formerly associated with the IEG, recalled how the late professor promoted sports and cultural activities at the institute. All his girl students were in love with his aristocratic charms. Amartya Sen is said to be very popular with girls, but Prof Khusro was one up on Dr Sen.