Priyanka Gandhi defends family: The more you insult, the stronger will I fight back

Rae Bareli | Updated: Apr 23 2014, 17:56pm hrs
SPEAKING for the first time on the allegations against her husband, Priyanka Vadra said on Tuesday that she was saddened by the continued attempts to humiliate her family but the truth would come out.

Woh mere pariwar ko zaleel karte hain. Woh mere pati ko zaleel karte hain. Mujhe dukh hota hai... Maine Indiraji se seekha hai... Jitna zaleel karenge utni dridhta se ladoongi. Sach saamne ayega. (They humiliate my family, they humiliate my husband. I feel sad... I have learnt from Indiraji... The more they insult, more is my determination to fight back... The truth will come out), she said.

Priyanka, who was campaigning for her mother Sonia Gandhi, was addressing a gathering in Soron Gangaganj village of Rae Bareli. She said she explains to her children that the truth will come out one day. I tell them... if there is truth in your heart it creates a shield inside you which makes you strong, and ultimately the truth comes out, she said.

Though she did not name anybody, she was clearly referring to the BJP, which has targeted her husband Robert Vadra over his alleged land deals.

Priyanka also criticised the opposition for raising the issue of Sonias foreign origin. Generosity is the identity of this country. My mother was not born here, but you accepted her and gave her all the love. This is the kind of politics that this country is known for because this is the country of Gautam Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi, she said.

Politics has become dirty today, they use abusive language, they talk of wrong things. Their mindset is narrow. You may want to live a modern lifestyle, but their narrow mindset will not allow you to do so, she said, adding that the youth would not have freedom and the women would not be allowed to progress.

Asking people to exercise caution while voting, Priyanka said, Their politics is of abusing others, ridiculing others... centered around one person, promoting selected persons... Their thinking is communal, they spread hatred, they spread poison, they divide people.

When a local leader handed her a list of development work carried out in Rae Bareli, Priyanka ignored it, saying, You have given us enough, I cannot ask for anything from you. But I have to say that you are voting for the future of this country and your children.