Prahlad Kakkar, Ad film maker

Updated: Dec 1 2008, 04:50am hrs
I am personally assaulted and raped. It takes just 20 odd young men to hold this city to ransom We lay the blame on community groups, on foreign hand and what not; but what about the administration and politicians The government expects us to pay taxes and yet 20 men run around with impunity and the city is paralysed It speaks a lot for the governments organisational skills that its policemen cant handle an emergency of this kind. The government has to call for the army, the airforce, navy in such a situation. What is the government telling its citizens When we vote for a government, we cant even expect that it shall protect its citizens It takes 36 hours before the government, which calls for help from the Centre, to contain the violence Give me a break, please! As a citizen, I want accountability. Make people in power accountable. Dont let them get away with laying the blame on communal groups and foreign hand. Dont get started on trivial issues. Instead, demand that given the fact that we contribute 30% to the national econonomy, how much is the government doing with regard to safety of its citizens The police here could not secure a perimeter around the troubled area Give the police better pay, ensure they are fit and able and that we do not have to call the army when a small group threatens the city. Kick out those who do not deliver and give Maharashtra a government that can take care of its citizens. United we rise and divided we shall fall. Unless there is accountability, such a situation shall happen again and again and again.

As told to Sulekha Nair