Prado is a great all-weather car

Updated: Nov 5 2003, 05:30am hrs
A man isnt the only thing a woman can have an intense relationship with. Contrary to myth, a woman can get as passionate about her car as a man can. Priti Hiranandani, director of the Culture Shop, a lifestyle store in Mumbai, talks about her purring four-wheel cats.

The first test: Parking my car on a slope for my driving test, fearing it would slide back.

Weekend car: Toyota Prado. On Sundays, she packs her family of five and dog into the Prado and takes off. My Toyota Prado is a real beauty. Its the best car whether you are travelling to the desert or the jungle. Its in this car that the family talk time happens. At home I cant get my children in one place.

Everyday car: A BMW, which is great for Mumbai roads. During working days a chauffeur drives me because I have to commute from Napean Sea Road to Powai everyday.

Why she loves driving: Its a great stress buster. There are no doorbells, no servants and no TV while driving. Only a great feeling of being in charge.

Men at the wheel: Men are far more aggressive, race a lot, get mad if someone overtakes them and will always speed up to get ahead. And they brake at the last moment.

Women at the wheel: Women are much more cautious. Tend to slow down way in advance when they see an obstacle ahead and are generally docile on the road.

True confession: Women are usually bad at parking.

Best car for Indian roads: Honda City and Toyota Corolla. These are well-designed for Indian roads and have good fuel consumption.

Can do herself: Fix a flat tyre.

Biggest fear while driving: Pedestrians coming out of nowhere.

Favourite driving music: These days FM. You get to know whats happening in the city. Alternatively, Buddha Bar and Tavlin Singh.

Advice for women buying a first car: Choose a small car as it is much easier to handle and park. Check the fuel consumption and make sure the engine and the suspension are good because you are going to do a lot of living in it.

Dream car: A Jaguar. The beauty about the Jaguar is that the older it gets, the classier it looks. You also feel royal sitting in the car.